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Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss



Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss-Edueasify

Yoga for Weight Loss with Pictures: Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss, which help you burn belly fat in 10 days. Yoga poses for weight loss. By doing yoga regularly you can lose weight.

In today’s time, everyone is aware of their beauty, lifestyle, and fitness. This is evident from the increasing number of youth in gyms and parlors. Also, there are products available for both men and women in the market, although some of them are reliable most of them do not meet their criteria. In such a situation, those methods or methods that can be relied upon blindly, these methods include yoga.

Yoga is such a medium whose regular practice can give you better and satisfactory results than any medicine. Rishi- This practice practiced since the time of sages is being adopted by the whole world today.

With this, not only do you experience wonderful peace, but yoga is also the easiest and suitable for physical elation. With some special rugs included in yoga, you can get rid of excess body fat and get a healthy body without any side effects:

Take special precautions while doing any asana. If you are learning yoga, then take the advice of a knowledgeable person. Do not exert any kind of force in the event of pain or inability to do so. Keep in mind that you will be able to succeed only with constant practice.

Let’s See Top 5 Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss


Chakrasana-Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss-Edueasify

In this posture, first, lie down on the back, then bend the knees and keep some distance between the two legs. Keep both hands equal to the body and keep the palms on the ground. Slowly lift the waist and back part while putting the weight of your body on the shoulders and legs. Stay in this position from 30 seconds to 01 minutes. Then bring the body slowly to the surface. Repeat this exercise five times. this will help you with Weight Loss. Hence, it is the best Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss.


Dhanurasana-Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss-Edueasify

The shape of this asana is similar to that of a bow, hence it is called Dhanurasana. First of all, lie down on the stomach and allow breathing to be normal. Now bring both legs upwards and hold it with your hands. Slowly bring the head and feet close to each other, stay in this position for a while until the breathing becomes normal. While exhaling, come back to the normal position and release the body.


Paschimottanasana-Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss-Edueasify

By practicing this asana, obesity is cured and diabetes is cured. Sit with your feet facing the front, keep in mind that both your legs are connected and the waist is very straight. Keeping the back straight, lean towards the front and touch the toes of both feet with your hands. In this state, your knees should not be bent, and try to touch the forehead with the knee. Stay in this state for 5 seconds and slowly get back up. In the beginning, bend as much as you can, do not give any kind of trouble to the body.

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Bhujangansana-Weight Loss Best Asanas-Edueasify

Lie on your stomach on the mat. Place the palms of both hands on the ground near the chest. Make sure that your feet are joined together and there should be no gap between the two. Now breathing slowly, lift the waist up, and put all the weight of the body on your hands, feet, and thighs. After about 30 seconds, while exhaling, first bring your waist, chest, and finally your head down and lie down in a state of relaxation.


Uttanpadasana-Weight Loss Tips-Edueasify

Lie on your back on the ground and keep your hands straight near the body. Slowly raise the legs up and move the hands under your back. Now first raise the legs up to an angle of 30 degrees and stay like this for a while, then come to the position of 60-degree angle and wait for a while, finally raise the legs till they make an angle of 90 degrees. This asana will prove to be fully worth your effort to lose weight.

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